Andy Reid

Eagles Owner Jeffrey Lurie Speaks Loudly, Carries Small Stick In Presser

Andy Reid will be back for a 14th season as Philadelphia Eagles head coach, according to Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie.

After one of the most disappointing seasons in Eagles history, Lurie addressed the media on Tuesday to express his displeasure regarding the 8-8 campaign.

While Lurie deemed the season “unacceptable” by his standards, change is far from imminent in Philadelphia. Not only is Reid back but also the front office heavyweights, fronted by team president Joe Banner and general manager Howie Roseman.

What about defensive coordinator novice Juan Castillo? He is back but only if Reid gives his stamp of approval.

Even though Lurie trotted out the term “unacceptable” on numerous occasions to describe the season, he stated that Green Bay and New Orleans were the most formidable teams heading into the season based off of their recent accomplishments as the last two Super Bowl champions. Thus, the Eagles were chasing them and not quite on that level at season’s start.

Somehow, Lurie’s thoughts back in August don’t excuse a season that he coined as “terrible” by team standards.

Of course, one of the most troubling notions about today’s press conference is the continual beating of the drum regarding the final four games of the season.

The Eagles won four games in a row but over highly questionable competition. The Dolphins, Jets, Cowboys, and Redskins all missed the playoffs and all finished at .500 or below.

Another part of Lurie’s defense of Reid was his consistency and ability to bounce back from adversity (of course, both valid points based off of the coach’s record). Also, he said Reid still had “the fire in his belly” to compete for a Super Bowl.

While desire is important, learning from previous mistakes and knowing how to win is crucial.

For whatever reason, Eagles fans are getting the same brand of football from year to year to year because their seems to be a “Groundhog Day” mentality as it relates to Reid’s tactics (lack of running, time management issues, constant blaming of himself during losses, etc.).

I’m not going to question whether Reid is respected by his own players or players around the league. I think it’s evident that he does have their respect.

That’s not the issue though.

Philadelphia’s way of doing business needs to change.

Since Super Bowl XXXIX, the Eagles own three playoff wins. The level of success pre-Super Bowl XXXIX and post-XXXIX clearly suggest the proverbial bloom is off Reid’s rose.

This is not Bill Belichick deciding to play Star Wars football and adjusting the offensive scheme after losing a conference title game to the Colts; this is Reid for a 14th season probably doing the same thing he did in the previous 13 years.

Eagles fans are tired of it. Apparently, ownership is not.

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  1. Their worst season yet and somehow Reid gets to keep his job. Wasn’t this supposed to be their best year?

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