Live Blog: NFC Championship – Giants at 49ers: Back To Future VIII

Not sure we’ll be able to top the drama late in the AFC title game, but here we go…


7:04 – Since that AFC title game caused a partial Twitter meltdown,  we now join this game in progress….

7:06 – The Giants allowed Vernon Davis to run a wheel route and since he’s one of the fastest tight ends in NFL history, he busts it for six from 73 yards away. After the score, Davis stood on a platform following the score. Thus, he gets a 15-yard penalty.


7:08 – It looked like Noah’s Ark earlier in San Francisco. The rain has since subsided. The track will become muddy later.

7:15 – Giants drive in SF territory runs into a brick wall. Unfortunately, it was on a fourth down as everyone’s favorite “Tip-Toe Bandit” (copyright Deion Sanders) fails to gain a yard on 4th and 1.

7:16 – Niners run gimmick trick play after the Jacobs miss. Somehow, Kyle Williams, who initially fumbled, recovers the ball for San Francisco.

7:20 – You know the easiest way to stop a 4,900 yard passer? Rain, rain, and more rain!



7:24 – Giants open up the second quarter with a 36-yard completion to Victor Cruz into San Fran territory.

7:28 – Giants on the move with a first and goal as the rain picks up again…

7:32 – Easy E throws a TD strike to Bear Pascoe. Tie ball game…


7:33 – Angry Eagles fan “Angry” Greg Ryan was not pleased with SF’s defensive efforts on that last drive.


Even when he is away from it, Juan Castillo can’t win.

7:34 – How crazy is it that Peyton Manning is reduced to doing pizza commercials while little brother may be headed back to the Super Bowl?

7:41 – Someone needs to dial down Vernon Davis. Looked like he was trying to put a sleeperhold on one of the Giants. Unwise. He gets a 15-yarder as a result.

7:47 – This is a very weird and disjointed game…much like the October meeting when the first half was a field goal party.

7:52 – Eli gets sacked by NaVorro Bowman on third down…Punt time for the Giants. Just under three left in the first half.

7:58 – This game is not likely to end up on NFL Network in 25 years…

8:00 – Alex Smith gets tripped up, well short of the first down. Punt.

8:02 – On a side note, not sure who I’d rather play if I’m a Patriots fan. The 49ers are Baltimore-lite. Meanwhile, the Giants have a vastly stronger offense but weaker all-around defense.

8:07 – Lawrence Tynes caps a Giants drive with a short field goal after New York’s offense/special teams unit considering have an on-field party, which would have been highly illegal.

GIANTS 10, 49ERS 7

8:10 – Giants go in leading by three after a less than enthralling first half.



8:25 – Third quarter opens with a New York possession. Giants have lost on some third and shorts today. They do so again on a 3rd and 1.

8:30 – In case you’re wondering, Alex Smith has two complete passes.

8:33 – Troy Aikman says Niners need more out of the passing game to win. Considering Smith has two more completions than Peyton Manning today, yes that is correct.

8:37 – More poor offense from the Niners…Punt.

8:40 – Victor Cruz is chopping up the Niners. He has 10 catches for 142 yards…WITH ANOTHER QUARTER AND A HALF LEFT!

8:42 – Niners are competing hard on third downs. Force another missed third down conversion by the Giants.

8:46 – San Fran opens next drive with A COMPLETION BY ALEX SMITH for 24 yards. Niners ball at the NYG 28.

8:47 – Another Smith completion….to Vernon Davis! San Francisco TD. Sharp throw by Smith.

49ERS 14, GIANTS 10

8:48 – San Francisco competes very hard. Not many teams could play like this and hang in with the Giants.

8:55 – Niners sack Manning. I’ll tell you what. New York better get out of its third quarter slumber. San Francisco’s defense has started to make plays and this is game is in the Niner zone (low-scoring, defense).

9:00 – Giants get the ball back. Yet, the 49er pass rush of doom forces the ball out of Eli’s hands on second down. Then, on third down Manning nearly got picked off but two Niner defenders run into each other trying to get the ball.

9:03 – Tarell Brown took a nasty hit on the interception attempt but heads off as the Niners take over.

9:09 – A lowly third quarter by the Giants. Only 15 more minutes to dance for Easy E and company.



9:13 – Somehow, the Niners are 0 for 7 on third downs and up by 4 in the fourth quarter. Make it 0 for 8. Ouch. They miss on a 3rd and 2.

9:18 – The 49ers pressure parade continues in the Giants backfield. Aldon Smith gets him some Eli to setup a 3rd and 15…

9:19 – Classic Eli. Off the back foot…and incomplete. Punt time.

9:27 – San Fran’s Kyle Williams tries to act like he didn’t muff a punt…too bad he did. Giants ball at the 49er 29.

9:30 – Manning Time. Manning to Mario Manningham…a 17-yard rocket. Giants take the lead. Joe Buck is really excited.

GIANTS 17, 49ERS 14

9:33 – Williams tries to atone for his game-shifting turnover by running back the kickoff to the SF 45.


9:36 – Niners on the clock down by three…

9:38 – This devastating New York defensive line I keep hearing about needs to you know, make tackles.

9:39 – A pair of runs put the ball at the Giants 15…

9:40 – Michael Crabtree catch…about two yards short of the sticks. Cue David Akers.

GIANTS 17, 49ERS 17

9:46 – Giants go three and out…Four minutes left.

9:50 – 49ers go three and out after Smith is sacked by every Giant since 1975 on third down.

9:50 – Not to be outdone, Eli takes a sack deep in Giants territory on first down.

9:56 – Another three and out by the Giants. San Francisco’s D has been tremendous all day. Need some help from the O. Two minutes left.

9:58 – Yes. Another three and out.

10:00 – Giants ball with two timeouts and 1:18 left at their 18.

10:01 – A long catch by Bradshaw brings the ball near midfield…

10:04 – New York’s drive stalls near the 50. SF gets the ball back with 19 seconds left. By the way, kicking a field goal on this grass is going to be tricky.

10:08 – San Francisco can’t do much with it on the final possession. OVERTIME!!!!



10:10 – I think I know the rules. Just don’t give up a TD.


10:14 – FOX opens OT by showing Peyton’s postseason numbers compared to little brother. Awkward Thanksgiving perhaps for the Manning family.

10:18 – Giants can’t get anything started but Alex Smith is killing worms at Candlestick.

10:19 – Davis makes an 11-yard catch…on 3rd and 12. Punt. Don’t like San Francisco’s chances. They may need a turnover.

10:25 – Niners have come close to intercepting Manning at least four times. A relatively important 3rd and 3 in Niner territory. Another SF sack by Justin Smith.

10:27 – Let the anti-Kyle Williams tweets begin…He fumbles the punt return. Might as well put it on a tee for Lawrence Tynes. Giants football.

10:30 – Giants start this drive from the SF 24.

10:31 – New York biding their time. Joe Buck informs us this is the same end as the Matt Bahr kick in the ’90 NFC title game. Nice bit.

10:32 – Here we go…

10:33 – Helmet Catch II. Tynes knocks it through.


SUMMARY: We saw the same theme in both games. At a certain point, your game managers need to make plays. Both Flacco and Smith put their teams in position to win but were foiled by outside forces. Tough day for the Harbaugh family.

As for the Giants, it’s a Super Bowl XLII rematch with their old friends from Massachusetts.

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