New England Patriots

Tom Brady Now Wears Pompa-Hawk

You know the relationship between Megan and Don Draper during this current season of “Mad Men” where it appears Mrs. D is the big boss of the relationship?

Well, the romance between Mr. & Mrs. Tom Brady appears to be along those same lines but with more fashion changes.

In layman’s terms, G is the hammer and TB12 is the nail.

Our latest Brady pic, finds America’s quarterback at the Met Gala event with Gisele and evidently sporting what is being labeled as a pompa-hawk.

It appears this is alarming people in some circles because it’s a mohawk pushed to the side and perhaps in a veiled way, suggests that Gisele is pulling the strings.

Note to concerned Patriots fans…at least Brady is not appearing on a dating show with N’damukong Suh, Rob Kardashian, “The Situation”, and Warren Sapp.

Your tight end has that covered.

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