Eli Manning

The Many Faces Of Eli Manning: SNL Edition

Eli Manning joined such NFL greats as Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, and Tom Brady to host Saturday Night Live.

It was your typical safe performance from an athlete. They will not do anything significantly memorable but they also will not become a social pariah on the show.

Here is a pictorial rundown of some of Easy E’s SNL highlights:

Eli the Swede in a Swedish knockoff of Chelsea Lately…

“Cheech & Chong” with do-gooder Eli. 

Eli with a rather large joint.

Eli as a part of the “Little Brothers” program and yes, he had grown tired of Peyton in this segment. 

Eli flushes a little kid down the toilet.

Eli plays some sort of bizarro Brett Favre.

And last but not least…

In case you forgot, this drag queen has two Super Bowl rings.

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