Happy Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day: Thanks, Papa JMRA

Papa JMRA’s boy…Terry Bradshaw

I’d be remiss if I didn’t extol the virtues of my Dad on Father’s Day.

Of course, this is the man most responsible for cultivating my sports interests and love of football in particular.

Nowadays, it appears a lot of dads enjoy trying to brainwash their children into liking whatever team they support.

I appreciated that my Dad never tried this tactic but instead let me figure things out on my own.

That approach worked well until I turned 12, discovered girls, started listening to my brother’s mixtapes filled with rap music and began a tawdry, scandalous affair with the Super Bowl-winning Cowboys of the 1990s.

Despite his best efforts, I cheated on the Eagles with the Cowboys for a time. I liked both, which is blasphemy but I couldn’t help it.

It was like being involved in a love triangle without the baggage of being ostracized at school or someone burning your clothes in the front yard.

To this day, my Dad still fashions me as a Cowboys sympathizer instead of an Eagles fan. I have long since shed my trashy love for the star but he has a rather long memory.

Nonetheless, he built my interest in football by taking me to a fair share of Eagles games during the late 80s as a season ticket holder and spending time with me on Sundays in front of the TV watching random games.

All of this contributed to turn me into the blogging fool that I am today.

Whenever I get too big for my britches in football-related chatter, he quickly reminds me that HE is the football expert in the family.

I’m not even sure if he truly believes that. I think he still holds a grudge against me because I don’t invite him to play fantasy football in one of my umpteen leagues.

Maybe he is still out for revenge after bombing in the three-person fantasy league he started with my brother and I during the 1990 season.

Regardless, I seriously doubt I’d have a great enjoyment of the game without his help and devotion when I was a kid.

Love you Dad…Happy Father’s Day.

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