Mark Sanchez

Celebrity Quarterback Mark Sanchez Is Now Dating Eva Longoria

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It appears we can put to bed the Kate Upton/Mark Sanchez combo because the New York Jets quarterback is saddling up with a different young lady these days according to In Touch.

The magazine reports that Sanchez has been spotted with former Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria since June.

the 25-year-old Sanchez and 37-year-old Longoria were spotted near his New Jersey home and dining in New York as well.

Longoria, who was recently married to San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker, desired to take a low-key approach to the relationship based off of an In Touch account of their dinner:

The next evening, Eva donned a blond wig as she and Mark had dinner and drinks with a group of friends at New York’s Hotel Griffou, where they looked very comfortable with each other, an insider tells In Touch: “They were laughing and having a great time.”

I wish nothing but happiness for these two crazy kids, who by that description appear to enjoy each other’s company.

Yet, when your love interest is wearing a blond wig to conceal her appearance, that probably means this might be a distraction at some point for the quarterback in question.

As stated before on this blog, Sanchez’s love life finds its way into blogosphere or New York newspaper all too often versus Eli Manning, who remains in the business of winning Super Bowls.

When Sanchez doesn’t deliver on the field, his critics will quickly remind folks that he is not dedicated enough to be a consistent NFL winner.

With Tim Tebow lurking in the shadows, one false step by Sanchez this season and he may be rocking a baseball cap and clipboard on the sideline.

As Bill Parcells told us five years ago, teams don’t want a celebrity quarterback, they want a leader.

It appears the Jets have the former and not the latter.

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