Chad Ochocinco

Mike Wallace Would Like To Smoke Chad Ochocinco Like A Pack Of Kools

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace took time out of his contract squabble yesterday with the Pittsburgh Steelers to joke around with Chad Ochocinco.

Wallace and Ochocinco debated over who was the faster wide receiver when the Pittsburgh speedster informed the new Dolphin that he would smoke him like a pack of Kools.

I’m not a smoker nor do I aspire to be one. However, I credit Wallace for indirectly marketing Kools.

Wallace, who appeared in The Dark Knight Rises, would have easily beaten out that nuclear bomb set off during the movie by Bane. Instead, Hines Ward barely squeaked out a touchdown on a kick return.

Anyhow, for the record, Mr. Wallace is correct.

Wallace would smoke Ochocinco like a pack of Kools and then smoke a series of illegal contraband Cuban cigars to commemorate his victory.

Ochocinco can’t fly anymore.

Miami is his third team in the last three years. That is not an accident.

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  1. Reblogged this on But at the end of the day… and commented:
    Trash talking on Twitter is pretty fun and I suppose as long as it’s all fun and games, I’m all for it. With the access of the Internet for everybody, we get a closer look at our favorite stars they offer us some interesting tidbits into their lives.

    • It’s unfortunate that so many guys are getting themselves in trouble with the damn thing. And there was a massive article on the front page of this weekends USA Today that I didn’t read about how the olympic athletes could ruin the reputation of the Olympics with their Twitter accounts. Not sure how the rep of the Olympics (which does enough to ruin itself) is that fragile.

      • Also….did the story about the two Australian swimmers who are deep trouble for posting pics of themselves with guns at a shooting range in the states make the news in the States? Everyone was outraged in Oz.

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