Bill Belichick

Antonio Cromartie Doesn’t Consider Bill Belichick A Good Defensive Coach

New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie has little regard for most defensive coaches around the NFL including Patriots headmaster Bill Belichick.

While lauding the prowess of Jets head coach Rex Ryan on Saturday to Newsday, Cromartie offered a backhanded dig at Belichick while ranking the league’s top defensive gurus:

 “I mean, it’s him and Dick LeBeau. Rex is first on the list and LeBeau’s second.”

You know Antonio, Mr. Belichick has five rings as a head coach and defensive coordinator:

“Did I say his name?” Cromartie shot back. “It’s Rex and LeBeau. I got a one and a two, not a one, a two and a three.”

Well then. Perhaps Cromartie got wind of Belichick’s SMD comment from last November regarding the Jets defense after the Pats whipped them 37-16.

Belichick may not have an answer for New York Giant receivers making circus catches, but he is still pretty strong.

Anyhow, the coaching ring count is BB 5, Rex 1.

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