Adrian Peterson

Ryan Mathews & Adrian Peterson Star In Adventures With Hospitalized Running Backs

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson and San Diego Chargers runner Ryan Mathews gave their respective teams a scare over the last few days thanks to a pair of hospital trips.

Peterson was sent to the hospital on Monday after having an allergic reaction to jambalaya he ate at the team’s training camp cafeteria.

After consuming his jambalaya, the adverse reaction soon started, said Peterson:

“Like 20 minutes after I ate, I went to lay down and felt my throat itching and my ears itching and all of a sudden my face swelled up,” he said Tuesday, via The Associated Press. “I couldn’t breathe out of my nose.”

I’m with you dude. Same thing happens to me when I eat the grilled shrimp at Red Lobster. Not pretty.

AP returned to practice on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Mathews was reportedly involved in a two-car accident on Monday night in San Diego.

The third-year pro smashed his 2010 BMW into another car en route to a hotel and was admitted into a local hospital. Neither Mathews or the other driver suffered any major injuries.

Reports state that neither drugs or alcohol were involved with the crash.

The status of Mathews is believed to be day-to-day according Chargers head coach Norv Turner.

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  1. I’ve seen you eat shrimp at Caesar’s Liquor Lounge on countless Christmas Eves, sir. So don’t give us this jazz about you having a shrimp allergy…

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