New York Jets

Boomer Esiason Says Tim Tebow Should Be Cut

Former Jets quarterback and New York’s resident speaker of truth Boomer Esiason stated that the Jets needed to cut quarterback/messiah/running back/gunner/H-Back Tim Tebow.

During Monday’s edition of “The Boomer and Carton Show”on New York’s sports-talk station WFAN, Esiason said the Tebow experiment must end:

“You want to know if I were the Jets what I would do? I would cut Tim Tebow. I really would.

And I’ll tell you why I would.  Because it’s not in any way, shape or form, I think, benefiting this team.”

As stated earlier on this blog, the Tebow signing is a colossal mistake. It’s great that New York wants to revive the Wildcat formation but Tebow isn’t the guy to do it.

Obviously, he is an inaccurate passer and isn’t exactly Earl Campbell running the football. Just because the guy pushes Michelins around doesn’t make him a suitable offensive cog.

New York took the plunge though for perhaps, a non-football related reason.

These Jets are the NFL’s equivalent of Kim Kardashian; they aren’t famous for doing anything all that tangible. Instead, they merely crave the attention.

What did the Jets see from Tebow last season that makes them think they’ll be a better team with him on the fold?

His two awful games against the Patriots?

Or is it a bad attempt to steal attention away from the Giants, who are in the business of winning Super Bowls?

Whatever the logic, Esiason is right.

Tebow must go.

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