Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones Sets The Rap Game Back 50 Years

Jerry Jones is featured in a new Papa John’s commercial…rapping…badly.

After watching this, it’s pretty clear that Jones is the NFL’s answer to Sean “Puffy, P-Diddy, Puff, Puff Dragon, Diddy, Bluff Daddy,” Combs.

Remember when Suge Knight ripped Bad Boy and Puffy because Combs was a producer that wanted to be in the videos?

Of course you do.

That’s what this brings to mind.

Jones could buy me 100 million times over but he is an NFL owner that refuses to stay in the background.

Instead, he embraces the spotlight. It’s completely maddening and one of the many reasons why Dallas is unlikely to get back to a Super Bowl under his ownership.

He needs to be the star.

Anyhow, since you were tortured with awful rapping…here’s that sweet, that nasty, that gushy stuff:

You’re welcome.

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