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20 Observations From The NFL’s First Quarter

The NFL season is four weeks old. Here are some quick hitters about what we’ve seen so far. 

1. I’m going to be the fun police with the 4-0 Houston Texans. How? Miami. Jacksonville. Denver. Tennessee. That’s not a murderer’s row schedule to open the season.

2. Remember when the NFC West was awful? Arizona started 4-0; San Francisco is making teams tap out; Seattle has the game’s greatest push-off artist and is responsible for the season’s signature moment; and St. Louis might stink but they play hard. Just ask the previously unbeaten Cardinals. You will not have the NFC West to kick around anymore.

3. To all those ready to hop on the Chicago bandwagon: I’m pro-Bears defense but Jay Cutler in a big game is like Superman in a room full of kryptonite.

4. Home-field advantage in the NFC playoffs might be of little consequence due to defenses. Chicago, San Francisco, New York, and Philadelphia all have portable teams that can gets stops on the road. Potentially, throw Arizona into that mix and you have a potential bag o’ fun for the playoffs.

5. There is a legitimate chance that neither the Packers or Saints make the playoffs.

6. Joe Flacco can run the offense all he wants. Baltimore’s pass defense is 29th. That’s a problem.

7. Mark your calendars: The Atlanta Falcons should be 6-0 when they visit the Eagles on October 28.

8. Actually, I just looked at the rest of Atlanta’s schedule. They’ll probably win 12-14 games. Yikes.

9. One more Falcons thing. If I’m an NFC opponent, I’ll gladly take my chances with them during the playoffs in the Georgia Dome.

10. I lied. Last Atlanta thing. Matt Ryan is the MVP so far.

11. Whenever a Peyton Manning touchdown pass pops up on the screen, it’s followed by some NFL talking head saying “his arm looks fine to me.” Hey chief, let’s come back to this in December. I’m a bit worried about Manning a couple months down the line…and now for that matter.

12. Can we hire a reporter to follow around Roger Goodell during Super Bowl week…IN NEW ORLEANS? That will be all the more difficult for Uncle Roger after the Saints win six games this year.

13. Dallas needs to clean house in the offseason. Following a bye week, their next five games are against Ravens, Panthers, Giants, Falcons, and Eagles. Dallas will be out of it sooner than later…unless, their quarterback can figure how to get rid the dark cloud that constantly follows him. The offensive line helping out would be nice too.

14. Arian Foster is on pace to carry the ball 400 times during the regular season. That’s probably not a good idea for Houston in the long run.

15. Brian Hartline leads the NFL in receiving. Yes, Brian Hartline.

16. Looks like all of the yapping people did about the Jets offense during the preseason is paying off. They aren’t talented…with or without Santonio Holmes.

17. The only way New England can win another Super Bowl is with a legitimized rushing attack, which they might have. As great as they’ve been offensively since 2007, they became too predictable to beat good defenses in the playoffs.

18. For now, Jackie Battle has more fantasy value than Ryan Mathews and Chris Johnson. How troubling.

19. The Thursday Night Football package should be eradicated.

20. The Bengals, Vikings, and Chargers are frauds. It just might take a bit to prove this theory.

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