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Fan Captures Craziest 30-Second Red Zone Sequence Ever

Well, that escalated quickly…

In the span of 30 seconds, New England surrended a once 13-point lead to Seattle, courtesy of a 46-yard TD bomb from Russell Wilson to Sidney Rice and Arizona’s Jay Feeley missed a potential game-winning field goal in overtime against Buffalo.

The capper proved to be an electrifying 76-yard touchdown run by Robert Griffin III to seal up a  38-26 win.

Incredibly, NFL Network’s Red Zone channel captured all three with their triple-box option.

These are crazy times my friend.

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  1. Amazing! Talk about a planetary alignment for the ages. I’m happy to say that I was there for the Griffin theatrics. As I was hopping up and down during that run, 2,800 miles away Feeley was giving my beloved Bills (and their foolish HC) a mulligan.

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