Atlanta Falcons

Asante Samuel Can’t Understand Why Andy Reid Dissed Him


Atlanta Falcons cornerback Asante Samuel appeared apoplectic over Andy Reid’s decision to ignore the ex-Eagle during a post-game handshake.

Samuel’s Falcons squashed the Eagles 30-17 at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday in front of a disgruntled, comatose, Hurricane Sandy-ready crowd.

Following the game, Samuel rambled through an interview and wondered why his former coach dissed him moments after the game.

Samuel decided his easiest course of action was to pat “Big Red” on his “big belly” after Reid refused to acknowledge him.

The exuberant post-game interview by Samuel also included swipes at Eagles management. Samuel stated that the biggest difference between the 7-0 Falcons and Birds was coaching.

Of course, this was not the best of days for Reid.

Not only did he watch the Eagles lay down out of a bye week, fans chanted “Fire Andy” throughout the second half with the game hopelessly out of reach.

Meanwhile, Samuel was all smiles this week. Days prior to Sunday’s game, Samuel demanded Eagles fans cheer for him.

While they booed Samuel, the ex-Bird got the last laugh over Eagles fans and his frustrated former boss.

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