Baltimore Ravens

Coming Attraction – Super Bowl XLVII Live Blog: Cash Money Brothers


Not since the halcyon days of the early 90s when drug lord Nino Brown feuded with G-Money over crack, money, and a club groupie in the renowned film New Jack City has society seen a relevant battle between brothers.

All of that changes on Sunday when the Harbaughs get together in Super Bowl XLVII. The Ravens and 49ers are a combined 6-0 in the Super Bowl; Ray Lewis will allegedly retire after this game; and a win by Colin Kaepernick could change the NFL for many years to come.

Sounds like a live blog waiting to happen.

Oh, and if this game turns into a dud, I’m going to go 1986 Paul Orndorff on football fans for being thrilled about seeing the Harbaughs coach against each other in the Super Bowl.

Nonetheless, Super Bowl Sunday is one of the great days of the year.

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