Baltimore Ravens

Quick Super Bowl XLVII Observations


There will be a podcast on Sunday’s festivities coming up late Monday night but I wanted to cover a few things regarding last night’s game before the day gets rolling.

  • If you’re a 49ers fan, I don’t want to hear about officiating. When a team plays for the world championship of professional football, you can’t go down 28-6 and expect to win.
  • If not for the power outage, that game was headed to 42-20 or something in that ballpark.
  • Was it a hold? Yeah, probably but I’m not going to scream about because Michael Crabtree didn’t even budge or protest after the play.
  • You know who 49ers fans should be mad at? Offensive coordinator Greg Roman. That goal to go series to end the game was a disgrace.
  • Also an abomination? San Francisco’s time management in second half.
  • San Francisco trailed in the NFC title game 17-0 and in the Super Bowl 28-6, the odds of a team getting out of that deficit twice is astronomical.
  • Ray Lewis is retiring at the exact time. The 49ers badly exposed him.
  • I will not miss Ray Lewis, the public speaker.
  • I will not miss America making stabbing jokes about Lewis.
  • Jacoby Jones probably should have won MVP.
  • Joe Flacco will be able to buy Audubon, NJ.

That is all for now.

A flowery Flacco post is on the way…

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