Michael Vick

Eagles Re-Sign Michael Vick; Fans Panic Accordingly


Michael Vick is an Eagle again.

The Philadelphia Eagles reportedly re-signed quarterback Michael Vick to a re-structured one-year deal.

Vick will receive $3.5 million in base salary with a few incentive clauses thrown into the mix for 2013, including playing time incentives and a $1 million bonus for winning the Super Bowl.

In total, Vick stands to make $10 million if the aforementioned incentives are reached.

Of course, fans of the Chip Kelly-led Eagles fans were none too pleased with Vick’s return.

Here is a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed recap of some of my favorite tweets regarding the move:




Ray Lewis ring count 2, Dan Marino ring count 0. 


Because Chip Kelly told you this would happen. 



Let’s switch to Facebook:

“Vick re-signs with the Eagles. That seals it. We have a better chance of seeing The Pope abdicate the papacy in our lifetime than an Eagles Super Bowl win.”

…and last but not least:

“Thank you Chip Kelly for ensuring that I care even less about the Eagles this year. You hire a pair of losers from the Browns to be your coordinators and then decide to bring back one of the worst QB’s in the league, a turnover machine and walking injury report. At least you will make the drafts exciting for the next few years, because you are sure to have a top 3 pick each year. Lets start the coaching search for 2016.”

Here’s the thing. Did you really think Kelly was going into this season with Nick Foles and veteran QB X?

Don’t give me Alex Smith, either.

The draft class and free-agent quarterback market are spotty at best. Vick can at least do some of the things Kelly wants offensively.

I know Philadelphia fans wants a complete divorce from the Reid era but Vick may be a necessary evil for Kelly’s offense – for a year.

If he stinks in 2013, he’s gone. It’s that simple.


Eagles fans need to relax. The 33-year-old Vick returning doesn’t mean the team isn’t going to win for the next 40 years nor does it mean he’ll be the quarterback of the future (as in ’14, ’15, ’16).

I sure hope Eagles fans are ready for some awful football. This thing hasn’t even bottomed out yet.

Sadly, the Eagles missed their turn in line during the 2000s. It’s time to go to the back of the line and work back to the front again.

That is going to happen with or without Vick on the roster.

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  1. Well said. Vick is on the roster and snarky tweets aren’t going to change that anytime soon. So as that old saying goes, there’s no use crying over ruptured tendons.
    It does make me really miss early 2000’s Donovan McNabb.

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