Roger Goodell

Just Wanted To Remind You That Roger Goodell Made $29 Million In 2011


Last weekend, it was revealed that NFL commish Roger Goodell made a whopping $29.49 million in 2011.

A recent league tax return showed that Goodell made a base salary of $3.1 million but netted $22.3 million in bonuses.

A year earlier, Goodell brought home $11.6 million. According to reports, Goodell’s ’11 salary is based off of the league’s performance (ratings, labor relations, etc.).

The same year that the NFL endured a lockout, Goodell reportedly became the highest paid commissioner in sports.

For some worldly perspective, Goodell’s salary is roughly $28 million more than Barack and Michelle Obama’s joint tax return in 2010.

Despite giving us a lockout, officials work stoppage, and the absurd Bountygate scandal, good old Roger is swimming in dough.

As Jay-Z once said, “I wish I could give you this feeling, I’m planking on a million.”

That’s our Roger.

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  1. America…where you can be a complete and utter failure and still bank $29 million.

    Don’t think the Player’s union isn’t going to remember this come time for a new CBA.

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