Sean Payton Is Reinstated Soon After “Super Hole XLVAG” Float Debut

imageNFL commissioner Roger Goodell reinstated previously suspended New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton on Tuesday.

While this move will be well-received by Saints fans, Goodell will not likely receive a warm reception when he arrives to New Orleans for Super Bowl week due to throwing a proverbial molotov cocktail at New Orleans last spring due to the bounty scandal.

Loiusiana residents recently participated in a parade called Kreux du Vieux on Saturday, that displayed many unique floats including one portraying Goodell in a unique light.

One float featured Goodell, while grasping the Vince Lombardi Trophy, being swallowed by a woman’s vagina.

Yes, you read correctly.

There was another float depicting the NFL boss having sexual intercourse with an animal.

Well, at least Payton’s reinstatement might prevent someone from attempting to poison Goodell’s poboy sandwiches.

Photo courtesy of Cajun Boy

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