Month: December 2012

Andy Reid Takes A 42-7 Loss And Rides Off Into The Sunset

The Philadelphia Eagles sent out soon-to-be ex-head coach Andy Reid in vile fashion on Sunday – a 42-7 clubbing courtesy of the New York Giants. Reportedly, Reid was told by Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie on Friday that he would dismissed  at season’s end.

Tim Tebow, Malcontent At Large

In the hours that followed another putrid performance by the New York Jets, a report claimed Tebow refused to be used as a part of a Wildcat package due to his growing frustration. Tebow, who was listed as the third quarterback for New York on Sunday versus San […]

NFL Week 16 Pickage

Week 16 picks…Happy Holidays!! REDSKINS 23, EAGLES 13 – Andy Reid is having a going away party in Philly and it will be a turnover-themed one. GIANTS 24, RAVENS 23 – Is Baltimore going to lose three straight home games? Why yes, yes they will. SEAHAWKS 17, 49ERS 14 […]