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Andy Reid Takes A 42-7 Loss And Rides Off Into The Sunset

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The Philadelphia Eagles sent out soon-to-be ex-head coach Andy Reid in vile fashion on Sunday – a 42-7 clubbing courtesy of the New York Giants.

Reportedly, Reid was told by Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie on Friday that he would dismissed  at season’s end.

Despite putting on a brave face, nothing could hide Reid’s disappointment over a 4-12 season that further exposed the team’s inability to evaluate talent.

Considering his accomplishments as statistically the best coach in Eagles history, Reid deserved a better fate than having his team go belly up by losing 11 of its final 12 games.

Unfortunately, sports doesn’t operate that way.

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  1. Sometimes these things are for the best. As an Eagles fan, it was pretty easy to tell that the relationship between Reid and Lurie suffered over the Michael Vick debacle. Reid will get another job tomorrow, and the Eagles will finally rebuild.

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