New York Jets

The Jets 2012 Bloopers Reel Is A Real Knee-Slapper

The theme song from Benny Hill is a perfect marriage with the 2012 Jets, who have a date with a 6-10 record assuming they don’t figure out how to protect starting quarterback Greg McElroy by Sunday.

Assuming the role of one of the NFL’s most disappointing teams in 2012, the Jets were one of the league’s biggest laughingstocks.

Incredibly, they remained in the playoff race until meeting their timely demise in Week 15 against the Tennessee Titans.

Whether it was Tim Tebow nearly dismembering a teammate with an errand throw or the infamous Mark Sanchez buttfumble, the 2012 New York Jets left an indelible mark on this NFL campaign.

Of course, they can’t even end their season in peace because of the revelation that Tebow had no desire to play in the Wildcat for them last week during their loss to San Diego.

Would you want to play for this group?

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