New York Jets

Tim Tebow, Malcontent At Large


In the hours that followed another putrid performance by the New York Jets, a report claimed Tebow refused to be used as a part of a Wildcat package due to his growing frustration.

Tebow, who was listed as the third quarterback for New York on Sunday versus San Diego, is now claiming his good name is being sullied by the report he deems as a misunderstanding.

The New York Daily News outlined the series of events that has Tebow looking a bit foolish:

Tebow’s version of events goes like this: On Tuesday, he expressed his frustration to the head coach at A) Not being named the starter (“Please let me play regular quarterback.” ) and B) His limited Wildcat role that often called for him to run straight ahead. (“I was frustrated running up the middle.”)

“Please let me play regular quarterback.”

Think about that line for a moment.

He is almost begging Rex Ryan to play. The brutal truth is that Tebow isn’t playing because he is getting screwed and ignored.

Instead, it’s obvious to observers (and the Jets) that he is incapable of being “The Man” with the Jets (or at any destination), unless things fall exactly into place.

See Denver last season…and yes, see his time as a Florida Gator as well, according to SB Nation’s Bomani Jones:

While Cam Newton was at Florida, Tebow wasn’t the most talented quarterback on campus. After winning the Heisman Trophy, according to sources, he was outperformed by Newton in practice, yet Tebow (understandably) remained the starter. Newton was promised an opportunity to start in ‘08, but he never had a real chance given Urban Meyer’s affection and preference for Tebow. At Senior Bowl practices in 2010, Tebow was so bad at taking snaps that shotgun elements from the Florida offense were added for him. That’s right — his college offense was incorporated at the NFL’s biggest job fair, one at which Tebow needed to show he could play a more conventional style of football.

Either Tebow believes in himself to such a degree that he doesn’t understand how truly mediocre he appears to be or in some ways, feels entitled to a starting job.

I don’t blame Ryan for sitting him.

What has Tebow done to merit an opportunity?


Well, unless you count being a distraction as an actual talent. Then, in that case, he is an All-Pro in the making.

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