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Prepare Yourself For A Virginal Voyage Into Podcasting


With the five-year anniversary of Joe Montana’s Right Arm on the horizon in 2013, it’s time to make a slight adjustment to our humble blog.

We’re tackling the next frontier…podcasting.

In fact, I’m so serious about this that I’ve actually bought a microphone (GASP!).

Of course, we’ll still hammer through with playoff pieces but it’s time to dip the collective toe in the water and see how matters progress.

During the playoffs, the plan is to go with a Thursday/Monday publishing schedule for podcasts.

Some of the wild thoughts and theories that drift around in my head sometimes can’t be contained by blog posts.

So, you’ll be subjected to my whims regarding the NFL playoffs.

Plus, I’m using this opportunity for the group therapy I’ll surely need once the Patriots lose to the Broncos in Denver during the divisional round.

The first podcast will be a playoff preview, examining the 12-team field that will comprise postseason play.

Lastly, this could be one of the most interesting postseason runs in recent history.

Outside of Brady, Manning, Ryan, Flacco, and Rodgers (and maybe Romo), we could be looking at half of the playoff field comprised of either first-time playoff starters (Matt Schaub), rookie quarterbacks (RG3, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson), or second-year quarterbacks (Andy Dalton, Colin Kaepernick, Christian Ponder).

Alas, it’s going to be crazy and extremely fun to document.

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