Manti Te'o

Manti Te’o Is Still Running And John Harbaugh Is Not Impressed

Manti Te’o addressed the media on Saturday in regards to numerous issues including the Lennay Kekua disaster.

Monday marked Te’0’s 40-yard dash efforts and boy, were they unimpressive.

The Notre Dame linebacker, who played a lackluster BCS title game against Alabama back in January, ran a wildly disappointing 4.82.

While pundits expected somewhere in the 4.65 neighborhood, Te’o failed to meet those expectations.

Was he tired from all of the press and three-ring circus surrounding his first Katie Couric-free television appearance?

Maybe but if he can’t perform when he is tired, then his career is already in trouble.

Baltimore, who is likely to be in the market for some extra linebacker depth since “you know who” retired after Super Bowl XLVII, got an eyeful of Te’o on Monday.

NFL Network showed Ravens head coach John Harbaugh watching Te’o’s performance and appearing rather unimpressed.

Lennay Kekua might be the least of Te’o’s worries over the next year.

He may not have the tools to be a top shelf NFL linebacker.

H/T: NFL Memes

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