Cleveland Browns

Trent Richardson Wears The Heaviest “Crown” Of Them All


When the public backlash amps up in the fall over the newly minted “crown” rule for runners, look no further than Browns running back Trent Richardson for a potential reason why the change occurred. 

During a Week 1 meeting with the Philadelphia Eagles last season, Richardson annihilated safety Kurt Coleman.

Utilizing a big assist from the crown of his helmet, Richardson lowered a helmet-jarring boom on Coleman.

According to Dan Hanzus of, the Richardson play became a lynchpin behind the league’s reasoning for the rule change.

Richardson told the Cleveland Plain-Dealer that he accepts some responsibility in the rule change:

“I feel like I made it bad for all the backs,” Richardson told The Plain Dealer today. “I feel like it’s my fault.”

It’s ok Trent…when this guy is on a rampage, you never had a chance in the first place:


Safety first, y’all.

via Yardbarker, NFL Memes

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