Baltimore Ravens

Super Bowl Champion Ravens To Hit The Road For Opener


The Baltimore Ravens will become the first Super Bowl champion to open on the road in a decade after Major League Baseball and the NFL failed to reach a compromise over overlapping games between Charm City’s two professional sports teams.

Expected to open up at home on Thursday, September 5, the Ravens must take to the road after no adjustment could be made surrounding a Baltimore Orioles game on the same night.

Due to concerns over traffic and other logistical problems, playing at roughly the same time would cause a nightmare in downtown Baltimore.

The two stadiums, which are basically next to each other, aren’t ideal spots to host events at the same time.

Having made my first trip to Camden Yards last August, this is the right call. Stadium parking there is not good and putting at least 80,000 fans in that area would rank as a terrible idea of epic proportions.

Stadium parking areas for Camden Yards and M&T Bank Stadium should be used for just one event, not two at once.

Maneuverability in that area is already somewhat compromised and adding to it by putting another major sporting event in that space is insanity.

As a result, the Ravens will become the first Super Bowl champion to open on the road since the 2003 Tampa Bay Buccaneers visited Philadelphia on Monday Night Football.

So, now what for the Ravens?

Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Buffalo, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, and Denver represent Baltimore’s 2013 road opponents.

It looks like a trip to see the Peyton Manning All-Stars in Denver may be in order for the defending world champion Ravens.

I hope Rahim Moore is getting in wind sprints.

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