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Broncos Dismiss Defensive Backs Coach But Totally Not Because Of The Rahim Moore Play


The Denver Broncos announced on Tuesday that they would not bring back defensive backs coach Ron Milus.

Of course, Denver is still reeling after their 38-35 double overtime loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Saturday night.

Clearly, blaming Milus for defensive backs Rahim Moore and Tony Carter co-authoring one of the worst defensive plays in NFL history isn’t exactly the answer.

Following the dismissal of Milus, Broncos head coach John Fox (who was awful on Saturday) offered up an explanation for the coaching switch to new defensive backs coach Cory Undlin in The Denver Post:

“This wasn’t about one play or one game,” Fox said.

“It was about the best fit for our secondary and defense as we moved forward. Cory’s a bright, experienced coach who has learned from some great defensive minds. He’s worked with Jack in the past as his defensive backs coach, and he knows our players very well.”

Despite the explanation of Undlin’s history with Denver defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio, this move smacks of using someone as the fall guy for one of the more disappointing moments in Broncos history.

This is awfully reminiscent of the Philadelphia Phillies firing hitting coach Milt Thompson during one of the franchise’s worst hitting funks ever during the 2010 season.

Two years later, Phillies fans still complain about the lack of offensive production.

As the expression goes, a good craftsman never blames his tools.

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  1. “This wasn’t about one play or one game,”


    “This was EXACTLY about one play or one game,”

    By the way, Champ Bailey is old.

  2. Reblogged this on 2013 Pro Bowl Blog and commented:
    My my just move to Colorado and she is now a broncos fan. because of that, i am as well haha. They look good but lossing to the Ravens really sucked. How do you keep letting them get long bombs on your defense all game? crazy. I can understand if we were in a high school league, sad. Oh well, next year. Thanks for the blog bro.

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