Donovan McNabb

John Cena Uses The Bones Of Donovan McNabb On The Road To WrestleMania

During last night’s edition of WWE’s Monday Night Raw, soon-to-be champion John Cena cut a promo against The Rock, leading up to their title match at WrestleMania 29 in MetLife Stadium on April 7.

While Cena answered questions during a Q&A about what losing again to The Rock would mean, he stepped on the toes of the fans in Philadelphia by comparing himself to a polarizing figure in Philly sports lore…Donovan McNabb:

Statistically Donovan McNabb is the greatest quarterback ever to put on an Eagles uniform. But Mick [Foley], listen to how the people in the city that he played for remember him. Why? Because Donovan McNabb could not win the big one. Philadelphia cares about its teams. Philadelphia cares and has passion. And with that type of passion, they deserve someone who can win the big one. If I lose on April 7th, I will carry the legacy of Donovan McNabb.

Once Cena dropped McNabb’s name, the boos shortly followed.

This is wrestling logic at its absolute best…illogical, crazy, and absurd but somehow fun.

In no way does John Cena’s WWE resumé resemble that of McNabb.

Mc5 played in five NFC title games and reached one Super Bowl, a loss to the Patriots in 2005. John Cena has won 12 world titles. McNabb has zero.

Even though this is played out under the premise of “wrestling storylines,” it’s pure crazy talk.

It appears on this surface it’s a way to capitalize on the WWE Universe’s collective ADD and failure to recognize anything that happened pre-2010.

It is interesting though that Cena chose to use McNabb as the posterboy of athletic futility with a nod to Philly.

Sorry Philadelphia, we can’t win…even when the winning is pre-determined.

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  1. When the folks of Philadelphia in the arena BOOED the name of Donovan McNabb, that made me rage. If Sam Bradford’s Rams career consists of five NFC championship games, with four of them in a row and one Super Bowl appearance, I’d cheer the hell outta the guy. Spoiled punks!

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