Jim Harbaugh

Nike Made A Jim Harbaugh T-Shirt…Really.


Unless my radar is off, the new Nike-issued Jim Harbaugh t-shirt is the first time that a coach has been placed on a mainstream t-shirt for coaching purposes.

Alas, we’ve arrived to a point in American history where the coaches are superstars.

Speaking of which, can a team win the Super Bowl if the biggest star on its team is the head coach?

I have concerns about this for San Francisco moving forward.

To me, there is a difference between being a star coach and being “the show.”

We’re not quite at show-level with Harbaugh but his histrionics in the postseason suggest we may be heading there. Harbaugh is a great coach obviously, but I need a little less of this from him:


In other words, more Tom Landry and less Mike Ditka.

Elsewhere in other Harbaugh-related news, the 49ers head coach drove the pace car at Sunday’s Indianapolis 500. While talking about his role for the Memorial Day weekend tradition, he discussed his love of Cracker Barrel and how he typically buys his clothes for the year in Indianapolis.

Does he have 50 different pairs of those khakis?

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