Dallas Cowboys

Stone Cold Steve Austin Drops The Bottom Line On Tony Romo


Former WWE champion and wrestling deity Stone Cold Steve Austin used his podcast last week to take calls on a multitude subjects including the state of the Dallas Cowboys.

Austin, who is a Texas native and spent the early days of his wrestling career plying his trade in the world famous Dallas Sportatorium, let loose on Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and quarterback Tony Romo.

Stone Cold described Jones as a man who needed to “let someone else make the decisions” for a team that has just one playoff win since January 1997.

Yet, Austin saved his best material for the embattled Romo:

“My problem with Dallas is I think Tony Romo is a damn good quarterback, but he (expletives) the bed at the most inopportune times,” Austin said. “So when I look for leadership, I can’t say that Tony Romo is the clear-cut leader.”

Later in his diatribe, Austin made a tremendous point about Romo stating his desire to take a more engaged approach in film study:

“I just read in the newspaper that he was going to spend more ‘Peyton Manning’ like time in the film room,” Austin said. “Now, this is what, 6-8 years into his career? He should have been doing that from the get-go, so I think he’s finally understanding what the game is all about.”


Austin’s point is damning. It’s astonishing that the Cowboys brass is having the “Tony needs to work harder” revelation at this point of Romo’s career and then decide to give him a six-year contract extension worth $108 million.

Romo’s Cowboys lost as a number one seed to the Giants at home during the 2007 playoffs; his 44-6 loss to Eagles to lose a playoff berth one season later was used as a significant plot point in Silver Linings Playbook; and Dallas coughed up two NFC East titles in the final game in consecutive seasons.

Based off of his on-field results, the “working harder” concept needed to be introduced a long time ago.

As Austin indicated, Romo is a talented, accurate passer…but there is something in between the ears that just isn’t clicking.


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