New England Patriots

Patriots Sign Tight End Tim Tebow


Tim Tebow is a New England Patriot.

Days after rumors swirled regarding whether Tebow’s time in the NFL was over, he will be at New England’s minicamp on Tuesday after reaching a deal with the Patriots on Monday.

However, his long-term role next season may not be in a quarterbacking capacity.

According to numerous outlets including Mike Freeman of CBS Sports, Tebow will study primarily as a tight end.

Despite Belichick’s recently-rumored hate of Tebow, there is room for him with the Pats…sort of.

Ryan Mallett is New England’s backup quarterback and of course, Starchild is the lead dog. Tebow, who fell off the NFL radar since being released by the Jets last April, isn’t going to make any kind of dent as a quarterback.

Yet, Belichick’s signing is some of cross between a tip of the cap to friend and Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer; and/or a sign that he truly believes he can make something out of Taboo.

That something though will not be at quarterback. Think Tebow would be a useful short yardage runner for the Patriots?

Not so fast.

Young Thomas is a sure bet on short yardage plays despite his lack of mobility.

Alas, Tebow and his traveling circus rolls into Foxborough beginning on Tuesday with an opportunity for a new beginning at possibly a new position.

One of two things will happen:

1. He’ll merge into the Patriot Way and in the process, simply do his best to help the team without becoming a distraction.

2. He’ll be a failure and be out of New England faster than you can say Albert Haynesworth.

Either way, at “low-money” price tag, it’s worth the risk.

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