Michael Vick

Marcus Vick Puts $1,000 Bounty On Riley Cooper; Michael Vick Is Not Pleased


Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper is in total damage control mode after a video from a Kenny Chesney concert surfaced on Wednesday that showed the former Florida Gator using the n-word.

Highly agitated from an incident at the aforementioned Chesney concert, Cooper is plainly heard on the video saying, “I will fight every n—– in here.”

Since the incident became public on Wednesday, Cooper issued an apology on Twitter, the team subsequently fined him for his actions, Chesney denounced the situation, and teammate Michael Vick forgave him.

One person who isn’t in the forgiving mood is Vick’s brother, Marcus. Soon after word filtered out about Cooper’s remarks, the younger Vick put a $1,000 bounty on Cooper via Twitter.

Of course, Marcus Vick deleted the tweets after common sense (or big brother) prevailed. Vick claims his Twitter was hacked.

Michael put Marcus in check after finding out about his brother’s tweets.

“What my brother says really isn’t relevant,” said Vick.


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