Dallas Cowboys

Tony Romo Throws For 506 Yards In Loss To Denver; Internet Could Care Less


Much-maligned Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo went toe to toe with Peyton Manning on Sunday during this season’s early candidate for game of the year.

Denver’s 51-48 shootout victory was aided by Romo’s only interception of the day. Late in the fourth quarter of a tie contest, Romo was intercepted by Denver’s Danny Trevanthan.

Manning took full advantage of the interception and put the Broncos in position for Matt Prater’s eventual game-winning field goal.

It marred a tremendous effort by Romo, who threw for 506 yards and five touchdowns in defeat.

Of course, whenever Romo’s luck runs afoul, the internet is there to remind us about his incompetent nature:

Sorry Tony. You deserved a better fate on Sunday.

H/T NFL Memes

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