Joe Montana

Great Moments In Cold Weather Quarterbacking: Vol. 2

As Lord Peyton Manning prepares to enter a frigid MetLife Stadium and conquer the cold weather on February 2 against the Seattle Seahawks, it’s time to take a look at memorable quarterbacking moments in cold weather. 

Last Sunday, Peyton Manning overcame long-time rival Tom Brady to reach Super Bowl XLVIII. The win allowed Manning to reach his third Super Bowl.

Manning would probably have more Super Bowl appearances if not for his friend Mr. Brady, who helped boot Peyton’s Colts from the postseason twice.

After crushing the Colts 20-3 in the AFC Divisional round during the 2004 playoffs, the 14-2 Patriots headed to the AFC title game against Pittsburgh.

However, due to Pittsburgh’s 15-1 mark, the Patriots were forced to travel to frigid Pittsburgh.

The game time temperature in Pittsburgh was a bitter 9 degrees with a wind chill of -10.

Brady finished 14 of 21 for 207 yards and two touchdown passes including a dazzling 60-yard touchdown strike to Deion Branch.

New England’s 41-27 win over the Steelers propelled them to Super Bowl XXXIX and two weeks later, a successful title defense.

The Patriots are the last NFL team to repeat as Super Bowl champions.

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