Baltimore Ravens

Nothing “Minor” About The Ray Rice Situation


According to a summons from the Atlantic City police, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice struck his fiancée and as a result, knocked her unconscious during a melee between the couple.

TMZ Sports released a video on Wednesday showing Rice’s fiancée, Janay Palmer, being dragged out of an elevator in an unconscious state at Atlantic City’s Revel Casino – possibly a result of the couple’s altercation.

In the hours that followed the news of the Rice/Palmer incident, it was called a “minor” incident and a “misunderstanding” by Rice’s attorneys even though the star runner was arrested as a result of Saturday’s incident.

A fight that allegedly involved the two exchanging blows and Palmer spitting on Rice culminated in something that may land the former Rutgers star in significant trouble.

Once the video became public, the situation got all too real. Certainly more details are needed before jumping to conclusions but eyewitness accounts and a what is seen below appears to be a poor start for Rice in what may be the off-season’s highest profile story.


Nothing about dragging your fiancée’s unconscious body out of an elevator is insignificant.

This look minor to you?

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