Mark Sanchez

Six Places In Philadelphia That Mark Sanchez Needs To Visit


The Philadelphia Eagles welcomed former New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez into the fold on Friday.

While this signing isn’t likely to make significant changes with gambling odds for Super Bowl XLIX, the move helps replace the departed Michael Vick.

After spending five seasons with the Jets, it’s time for a change of scenery.

Let’s play tour guide and offer Sanchez six spots to visit in honor of his jersey number. Unfortunately, none of these places are likely to include appearances by Eva Longoria and Kate Upton.

Sorry Mark.

HONORABLE MENTION – Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co.:

This trendy bar can’t be excluded since it made Esquire magazine’s top bars in America in 2011. Strong drinks and a classy place for grown folks.

6. Continental Midtown

This is my favorite bar in the city and they have chairs that swing. I don’t know if Sanchez is into that but I can’t imagine someone not finding that enjoyable.

5. Tony Luke’s/Geno’s/Pat’s: 

Dude, you’ll have to get a cheesesteak. Pick one of the aforementioned places. Personally, I’d go Tony Luke’s. Don’t you dare put Cheese Whiz on your cheesesteak. That’s unacceptable.

4. Kermit’s Bake Shoppe

Located in a South Philly warehouse, this spot provides pizza and homemade Pop Tarts. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

3. Xfinity Live:

They have a giant screen to watch sporting events and a mechanical bull. That should be enough entertainment for most.

2. Lorenzo & Sons Pizza

People could do a lot worse than heading into Lorenzo’s for a heaping slice of pizza after a long night out.

1. Broad Street: 

Regardless of how a player’s time is legally spent in Philly, if it includes a parade down Broad Street after the Eagles win a Super Bowl, all will be well.

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