Cleveland Browns

Johnny Manziel Parties In Vegas; Rolls Up Dollar Bill In Bathroom


One of these days in distant future, Cleveland Browns Johnny Manziel will learn that you can’t do whatever  you please in a public setting.

This time, Manziel was pictured rolling up a dollar bill in a Las Vegas bathroom while partying during 4th of July weekend.

A couple of questions here. Besides obvious usages, what does one do with a rolled up dollar bill?

Use it as a personal pixie stick?

Or maybe as a way to pass the time out of sheer boredom?

Who knows, maybe it was photoshopped as one of my friends suggested (highly unlikely). Anyhow, Manziel is great for bloggers and sports media because it appears he doesn’t understand (or care) that people are watching him literally all of the time when he goes out.

It’s clear that Manziel is going to be a headache for Cleveland Browns brass. Thus, the quicker Manziel gets on the field to prove he might be worth the fuss, the better. Otherwise, we know how this movie will end.

Hopefully, Cleveland Browns fans don’t run a Google search on “use dollar bill to snort cocaine.” You may not be pleased with the outcome.

Well, at least Cleveland may get LeBron James back.

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