Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning Gets Fined By The Shield For Potty Mouth


Soon after Broncos teammate Wes Welker received a concussion courtesy of a hit from Houston Texans safety D.J. Swearinger, Peyton Manning opted to get a 15-yard penalty for taunting following a touchdown.

Manning’s act of defiance will cost him. The NFL announced on Thursday that it fined Manning $8,268 for taunting Swearinger.

Reportedly, Manning said f— you to the Texans safety, who was responsible for putting Welker out of last week’s preseason game.

When discussing the fine, Manning told ESPN’s Chris Mortensen “I accept it. Money well spent.”

Even though it’s a wrist-slap for Manning, I’m floored the NFL actually fined him. Then again, this is the same league that threatened to fine Manning $25,000 back in 2002 for paying tribute to the late Johnny Unitas by wearing black hightop cleats.

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