Baltimore Ravens

Ray Rice Video Leaked To The Masses; Goodell Still MIA

The National Football League has quite the mess after a video leaked to TMZ shows Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice actually striking then fiancé Janay Palmer in the face.

Previously, the league claimed it was not privy to the actual video and in essence, based its puny two-game suspension of Rice off the information provided.

Welp, looks like Uncle Roger needs to come out of the spider hole again and make a ruling.

This is deplorable. From the judges, lawyers, Ravens, and individuals involved, everyone failed massively…or wanted to cover it up.

Either way, it’s a debacle.

And where is NFL head honcho Roger Goodell on this?

Of course, nowhere to be found at the moment and likely to be figuring out way to tap dance out of this latest disaster.

In this time of distress, Bill Simmons offers up some solid stuff on the Ravens and Goodell.


UPDATE 3:00PM – Ray Rice has been released by the Baltimore Ravens

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