Baltimore Ravens

Roger Goodell Finally Sees His Shadow On Ray Rice Debacle

The miracle has happened.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell gave his first nationally-televised, sit-down interview on the Ray Rice situation on Tuesday.

Goodell, who has kept an extremely low profile since issuing Rice’s two-game suspension in late July, spoke with Norah O’Donnell of CBS and discussed whether anyone in the league office saw the infamous tape from Atlantic City where Ray Rice struck his soon-to-be wife.

When O’Donnell questioned Goodell on the matter, he stated no one in the league office had seen the tape in question “to my knowledge.”

While that still seems somewhat in doubt considering the reports that suggest otherwise, it may be difficult to ultimately prove if Goodell is taking all of us on one treacherous ride.

Meanwhile, Goodell daftly tap-danced around questioning regarding TMZ’s ability to get the tape where the NFL couldn’t.


The Shield™ uses credible means to gather its information rather than the nefarious tactics of TMZ.

Of course, when O’Donnell asked whether Rice would ever play in the NFL again, Goodell was sadly as diplomatic as ever.

“I don’t rule that out, but he would have to make sure that we are fully confident that he is addressing this issue,” Goodell said. “Clearly, he has paid a price for the actions he has already taken.”

How about we actually rule that out?

Goodell already broke his own newly-minted domestic abuse mandate of giving a first-time offender a six-game suspension.

Why not go all the way with this one?

Rice shouldn’t see the light of day in the NFL ever again. It’s the one of the few ways Goodell has any chance of cleaning up this large mess.

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