LeSean McCoy

Charlie Sheen Is Now Involved In LeSean McCoy Tip Mess

Just when you thought the LeSean McCoy tip story could not get stranger, it took a turn for the absurd on Wednesday when Charlie Sheen opted to get involved.

Soon after the owner of the Philadelphia burger joint PYT, posted a statement on Facebook declaring he was responsible for posting the receipt of McCoy’s $0.20 tip and expressed little remorse in doing so, actor Charlie Sheen offered to make good.

Sheen tweeted on Wednesday that he was going to give $1,000 to the waiter stiffed by McCoy’s $0.20 tip.

That’s quite the noble effort by Sheen considering he has no horse in the race.

On a side note, I’m going to get involved in the service industry to get $0.20 tips. It appears that is the quickest road to being a millionaire.

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