Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson Set To Return To Action Sunday


The Minnesota Vikings announced on Monday that Adrian Peterson will return to practice and is likely to play on Sunday against New Orleans.

Shortly before a relatively awkward press conference featuring Vikings GM Rick Spielman and head coach Mike Zimmer, Peterson issued a statement apologizing in regards to his conduct (which is interesting considering his smiling mugshot resembles a headshot for Madden).

I’ve got to admit, this is surprising.

It’s impossible not to think Peterson’s reinstatement has to do with New England rolling into Minnesota yesterday and cleaning house 30-7.

Do the Vikings want to be moral and go 4-12? Or do they want fans to keep coming out to games?

Clearly, being of strong moral fiber doesn’t always amount to making an NFL franchise money.  Obviously, that’s the league model.

At least they’d have one of the NFL’s best players on the field because AP = BOX OFFICE, or something superficial like that.

Maybe it’s unreasonable to think an NFL team will forgo putting someone who abused a child on the field but apparently a child’s safety doesn’t rank higher on the priority list than putting a butt in a seat every 18 inches.

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