nfl playoffs

If The Playoffs Started Today: Jeremy Maclin Spills Gatorade Edition


The Philadelphia Eagles took a tumble on Sunday in Arizona, which means the Cardinals are atop the NFC following Colt McCoy halting the Dallas Super Bowl Express on Monday night.


As for the AFC, the most bizarre change comes at the bottom.

Believe it or not, the Buffalo Bills are in the playoffs…for now. Everything else can be explained by Brady-Manning, etc., etc., etc.


#1 – Denver Broncos  (AFC West champion, bye)

#2 – New England Patriots (AFC East champion, bye)

#3 – Cincinnati Bengals (AFC North champion)

#4 – Indianapolis Colts (AFC South champion)

#5  – San Diego Chargers (Wild Card)

#6 –  Buffalo Bills (Wild Card)


#1 – Arizona Cardinals  (NFC East champion, bye)

#2 – Detroit Lions (NFC North champion, bye)

#3 – Dallas Cowboys (NFC East champion)

#4 – Carolina Panthers  (NFC East champion)

#5 – Philadelphia Eagles (Wild Card)

#6 – Green Bay Packers (Wild Card)


SATURDAY, JANUARY 3 @ 4:30PM – #6 Buffalo Bills  at #3 Cincinnati Bengals (NBC)*

SATURDAY, JANUARY 3 @ 8:00PM – #6 Green Bay Packers at #3 Dallas Cowboys (NBC)

SUNDAY, JANUARY 4 @ 1:00PM – #5 Philadelphia Eagles at #4 Carolina Panthers (FOX)

SUNDAY, JANUARY 4 @ 4:30PM – #5 San Diego Chargers at #4 Indianapolis Colts (CBS)

*Also known as the “Brad Nessler Game.”


SATURDAY, JANUARY 10 @ 4:30PM – IND/SD/BUF at #1 Denver (CBS)

SATURDAY, JANUARY 10 @ 8PM – DAL/CAR/PHI at #2 Detroit (FOX)

SUNDAY, JANUARY 11 @ 1PM – CIN/IND/SD at #2 New England (CBS)

SUNDAY, JANUARY 11 @ 4:30PM – CAR/PHI/GB at #1 Arizona (FOX)

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