Mark Sanchez

Super Mark Sanchez To Take Over For Nick Foles


The Philadelphia Eagles escaped Houston with a 31-21 victory over the Texans but the win came with a rather steep price tag.

Quarterback Nick Foles left the game in the first half with an apparent shoulder injury and did not return. However, a report states its more than a bump on the shoulder. Instead, Foles is expected to miss at least month after breaking his collarbone.

Mark Sanchez, who threw a pair of touchdowns and interceptions on Sunday, will replace Foles as the starter. Sanchez was last seen as a starter in December 2012 for the New York Jets.

That’s right, Eagles fans. The next month of the season rides on the author of the ButtFumble and a guy who dressed like Super Mario for Halloween.


Yup, totally not worried.

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