Bill Belichick

The Weather Channel Isn’t Going To Put Up With Bill Belichick

Days before New England routed Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in Foxborough last Sunday, Pats headmaster Bill Belichick was uncharacteristically outspoken regarding impending weather forecasts.

Tuesday saw The Weather Channel’s Mike Bettes “fire back” by showing their track record for temperature predictions for last Sunday’s games.

After trying to flex his muscle, Bettes said he felt Belichick’s assessment was way off base and categorically inaccurate.

A couple of things on this:

  1. From Belichick’s description, it is quite possible he is referencing precipitation predictions, which are routinely incorrect.
  2. How insecure are meteorologists that one responded on national TV to this?

Anyhow, being a degree or two off doesn’t make you an awesome meteorologist. THAT’S YOUR JOB.

Now, get the precipitation right on a regular basis. That’s far more impressive.

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