New England Patriots

Has Tom Brady Taken Over As The MVP Favorite?


During the first few weeks of the regular season, people were starting to wonder if Tom Brady had much of anything left at quarterback. The New England Patriots got off to a slow start, and Brady was shouldering much of the blame.

Things hit rock bottom for the future Hall of Famer when he threw two interceptions in the blowout loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. Since then, he has been absolutely sensational, and some are wondering if he could somehow rebound from a slow start and win his third MVP trophy.

In high stakes fantasy football, many people at the beginning of the season did not even look at him as a starter. That is how much he had slowed down in the last year or 2, but he seems to be catching his second wind at this point in his career.

Not only have the Patriots won five straight games since that terrible loss to Kansas City, but Brady has been absolutely sensational. He has thrown for 18 touchdowns during that stretch, and he has been picked off just once. Most importantly, he was able to pick up a pair of easy wins over Cincinnati and Denver, helping New England score 43 points in each contest.

Winning the MVP takes an entire team effort, and New England is still sometimes a little bit shaky on defense. Brady has seven more games to keep up this pace in order to really get some consideration. He was able to go head-to-head against the former front-runner, Peyton Manning. Crushing his team and having a big game in high stakes fantasy football has changed the MVP race in general.

A little over a month ago, some were openly wondering if this was the end of an era. Now, it seems like the end is nowhere near for the quarterback and the reign of the New England Patriots in their division.

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