Denver Broncos

Another Domino Falls For Broncos; John Fox Is Out As Head Coach


Hours after Adam Scheffer’s report that Peyton Manning played with a “torn quad” comes news of perhaps more significance for Manning’s professional future – John Fox is no longer the head coach of the Denver Broncos after mutually deciding to part ways with the team on Monday.

Fox’s move is a highly intriguing one. “Deciding to part ways” is a nice way of saying “hey, we want you to leave but we’ll be nice about it.”

The departure of Fox also left the door open for the entire Broncos coaching staff as well. Today they were reportedly told that they are still under contract but feel free to explore other coaching opportunities.

The key part to that is offensive coordinator Adam Gase and defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio could be among those that are on the way out as head coaching candidates with other teams.

Operation: Demolition Denver is well under way.

Next stop…Peyton Manning.

With all of these head coaching changes, he has played his last game as a Bronco…unless the Broncos manage to keep Gase in house. Then, he may be back in 2015.

Manning turns 39 in March and starting over with a new head coach and offensive coordinator at this point probably isn’t in his DNA.

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