Marshawn Lynch

NFL Threatened To Eject Marshawn Lynch If He Wore Gold Shoes For NFC Title Game


From the theater of the bizarre, Seattle’s media-moody Marshawn Lynch wanted to wear special gold shoes during Sunday’s NFC title game against the Packers.

However, the NFL got wind of this move prior to Sunday’s game and made their position clear to Lynch and the Seahawks: wear those shoes, and you will not play, according to FOX’s Jay Glazer.

NFL rules state a player can only wear league-approved gear, which clearly was not the case with Lynch’s gold and green shoes.

Lynch, who already drew the ire of the NFL over his unwillingness to deal with the media, eventually relented and wore normal shoes.

Whenever Seattle’s season ends, it’ll be interesting to see what becomes of Lynch during the offseason.

After while, this media act is going to wear thin on all parties involved.


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