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Super Bowl XLIX Live Blog – Trading Places

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Super Bowl XLIX. Patriots – Seahawks from The House That David Tyree Built.

6:11PM – Can we kickoff already? My palms are sweating…

6:15 – Just moments ago Patriots enter to Crazy Train as per usual during the Super Bowl while the Seahawks counter with The Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony.

6:18 – Early estimates on crowd…Clearly, pro Seahawks as Adina Menzel, that long-time Seahawks sympathizer sings the National Anthem.

6:22 – Great tweet from Peter Rosenberg – a wrestling podcaster/enthusiast and DJ on Hot 97 in New York City…

6:26 – Seahawks win the coin toss and defer. They’ll take the ball to open the second half.

6:28 – Of note to start…


6:28 – I’ll have stand up for this first drive. Seeing Brady vs. the Legion of Boom for me is like seeing your favorite player placed in front of firing squad on TV for the world to see. Let’s hope no safety to begin…sorry! I’ll be partial, Seattle!

6:34 – Pats definitely showing diversity early with formations but as expected a lot of short throws. Patriots grab a first down early but are forced to punt after Brady got a little heat.

6:38 – Interesting open to the game. Ryan Allen punts but gets hit on 4th and 6. Called running into the kicker but Cris Collinsworth contested that it’s roughing the kicker because of the run into Allen’s plant leg.

6:40 – Seattle drive time. 3rd and 2. Seahawks open with three straight runs…and don’t pick up a first down. Punt time. Dude, how can a guy that grabs his crotch on scores ever do anything in a Super Bowl? Doesn’t seem ethically right.

6:52 – New England’s slow, methodical march is at the Seattle 10.

6:55 – Brady gets picked by Jeremy Lane because of Seattle heat. Too much pressure forced a bad throw from Brady.

6:58 – Seattle starts its next drive without the services of Jeremy Lane, who was injured on the return. Broke his arm it would appear. Another injury in the Seattle secondary.



7:03 – Early thoughts…Seattle’s offense is going to need the Patriots to make a ton of mistakes to score.

7:11 – Patriots saunter down the field thanks to a big catch and run from Julian Edelman. Moments later, SIMON SAYS YOU’RE IN BRADY’S CROSSHAIRS, MR SIMOM. Brandon LaFell slant route for six and we’re off and running.



7:16 – Brady sure is a cheater!

7:22 – Seahawks punt again after taking a shot downfield. PUNT. In other news, GOOD GOD.

7:25 – Patriots can’t do much with the next drive. PUNT. Seattle deflects one pass while Brady can’t include Bobby Wagner on a third down and throws incomplete.

7:32 – Finally, the Seahawks join the game on a big bomb to Chris Matthews inside of the New England 20.

7:33 – Lynch carries it into the end zone for a score to help Seattle draw even. Finally, the Seahawks wake up. Seattle goes 70 yards…


7:44 – Seattle coughs up an easy first down to the Patriots after Cliff Avril is called for encroachment. Brady patiently picks through the Seahawks defense…which sets up a GRONKING TO REMEMBER for a TD.


7:56 – Brutal job by Patriots defense here. Allow Seahawks to get down the field in under a minute and score a touchdown with two seconds left as Chris Matthews makes his campaign heard for Super Bowl MVP. Back shoulder throw from Russell Wilson to Matthews for six.


HALFTIME: Wow, sobering end to the first half for the Patriots. Russell Wilson is going after the extra defensive backs not named Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner. Interesting second half ahead. Seahawks may have to score 30 to win this. Patriots typically a second half team but we’ll see.

8:08 – This pretty much sums it up…

8:10 – Here comes Katy Perry. Back in a few…

8:27 – A quick summary of what Katy Perry’s halftime show looked like in two parts…





8:30 – Seahawks will open with the ball in the second half…

8:36 – Chris Matthews has begun a serious campaign for Super Bowl MVP with a blatant pushoff on a long catch to give the Seahawks a lot of momentum in the second half. Pats stand stall on 3rd and 1 and stop the Seahawks to force a short field goal. Patriots have a serious problem here if they can’t stop the big balls of Wilson to Chris Matthews of all people. Kyle Arrington is getting torched on them.


8:43 – Woah boy….not looking good for the Pats.

8:48 – Brady gets intercepted by Bobby Wagner midway through the third quarter. Patriots on the ropes here…

8:54 – Seahawks are freight-training the Patriots at this point. Baldwin catches a short touchdown to follow up the Brady interception. Pats are in desperate straights here. Dumb penalty by Baldwin.


9:01 – Michael Bennett is the MVP of this game so far. Patriots forced to punt again. They can’t block him and they can’t get around Bobby Wagner.

9:06 – Wilson is averaging 15.1 yards per pass in this game. YIKES. Patriots defense force a punt from the Seahawks. You wonder if this game is going to undergo another momentum turn…but Pats need to do something NOW.

9:09 – Drive of the season here for the Patriots.

9:11 – Patriots will start fourth quarter with a short yardage play that they simply must have.


9:15 – Bryan Stork is getting destroyed in this second half. Not good for the Pats. Punt time again.

9:16 – Patriots defense answers right back by forcing a three and out with a sack by Rob Ninkovich.

9:21 – Brady gets sacked on opening play of the next drive. We haven’t heard a lot from Gronkowski in the second half.

9:25 – Edelman takes a wicked shot from Kam Chancellor on a 3rd and 14 and makes the catch near midfield for a first down. He’s out. Has to be. Good god.

9:28 – Patriots rally down field in part thanks to a personal foul against Earl Thomas on a late hit. Brady to Amendola and the game is on with just under eight minutes left. Good god man. Here we are.


9:30 – So true.

9:36 – Seahawks counter Patriots score with a three and out which is almost worse than a turnover at this point. Pats get the ball back with about seven minutes left. Seahawks D is on the ropes…what a brawl this is.

9:47 – Brady goes HAM at the end of the drive despite an OPI with what in any other season would probably win the Super Bowl thanks to a TD pass to Julian Edelman.


9:58 – Somehow. IT HAPPENED AGAIN. David Tyree. Revisited the field and just took Tom Brady’s fourth Super Bowl ring. Cot damn.

10:00 – Marshawn Lynch to the 1.

10:01 – WLRJ:J$#!$J$@#$@#J$K@#$:L$#J$:J$ Russell Wilson gets intercepted at the 1 by Malcolm Butler!!!!!!!!! My Dad is about ready to break everything in the house. He’s an Eagles fan.

10:05 – Clearly embarrassed, Seahawks tried to fight the city of Boston before Brady could take a knee. Dude, I can’t even believe this finish. A 0 to 100 finish. WILD.

10:07 – My Dad called for an arrest to be made of the Seahawks coaching staff. That man is deadly serious. Can’t say that I blame him. THROWING WAS THAT BAD.

Anyhow, Brady and Belichick slay the ghost of David Tyree (sort of) by finally getting their fourth Super Bowl ring.


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